If I Become a Madre…

Same idea as the “If I Become a Doctor” page ๐Ÿ™‚ These are based on observations of my own parents and any other parents I’ve been around at church/school/etc, along with some personal thoughts. No names will be given, so don’t be paranoid!

  • Realize/accept that “my” kids really belong to Jesus
  • Tell the kiddos that Jesus loves them
  • Tell/show them that I love Jesus
  • Tell/show them that I love their daddy
  • Tell/show them that I love them
  • Make them try new things
  • Let them make mistakes instead of keeping them in a bubble
  • Be there to help them learn from their mistakes
  • Make them travel
  • Serve Jesus as a family by serving others
  • I want them to know that they’re blessed
  • Teach them to say “Mr.” and “Mrs.” to show respect to others
  • Don’t expect teachers to teach them everything they need to know
  • Let them hate me at times…it means I’m doing my job
  • Let them see my flaws so they understand His grace
  • Give them grace
  • Let them get dirty
  • Our house will look “lived in
  • Our home will be open to anyone anytime
  • Push them to do their best and work hard
  • Have them learn useful “missions” skills (language, basic first aid)
  • No cats. I will NOT give in and have a cat in my home. NO cats.
  • We’ll get a dog
  • Listen when they want to talk
  • Back off when they don’t want to talk
  • Don’t yell
  • Don’t give the silent treatment
  • Take walks
  • Read when I need a break
  • See them as a gift, not a burden
  • Stay on top of things
  • Don’t get uptight when I’m not on top of things
  • I won’t live vicariously through my kids
  • I will let their immune system do its job (I won’t over-sanitize)
  • Teach them to read asap and incorporate “reading time”
  • Remember: I may not enjoy every single moment, but I’ll make good memories for them and me
  • Hug and kiss the kids often
  • Don’t talk rudely to the kids. Wait until I’ve cooled off and can speak firmly with gentleness and love

2 thoughts on “If I Become a Madre…

  1. For teachers everywhere, thank you for this –>”Don’t expect teachers to
    teach them everything they need to know”

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