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“All my life You have been faithful, all my life You have been so, so good. With every breath that I am able, I will sing of the goodness of God.”

These lyrics have been on repeat for me lately. As I reflect on another year, I see His faithfulness and goodness in so many ways. 

27 started with a surprise party (as did 28 tonight!). I felt so loved by so many that day/night–parents had chocolate-covered strawberries delivered to the children’s hospital I was working at, my friend Heidi brought me Thai food for lunch, and then we had the surprise party that night! 

2 months later, I took a big leap of faith and jetted off on an adventure with Jesus to Africa. I was going alone, but the Lord so perfectly provided people at each step of the journey. The surgeon I worked with there in Ghana was such an encouragement and inspiration to me in the way she loved her patients and humbly served them. While I was in Ghana, I had time to think and pray and I asked God to remind me of my passions. It was that time in intern year where I was a bit ready to be done, and felt like I’d forgotten why I’m doing what I’m doing. The Lord brought to mind my passion for children with Down syndrome.

This led to me sending an email to a developmental pediatrician I knew of at IUSM to see if she had any idea of who I could work with in the country…she responds and tells me that the national expert on Down syndrome is down the hall from her (seriously, what a God-incidence)! Long story short, this led to me being able to rotate with that expert physician in September–meaning I got to live back in Indy and have my bro back as a roommate (even in the same apartment complex as where we had lived before!) for a few weeks! And to fast forward a bit, I’m now joining a board for a post-secondary education school (Shepherds College) that is specifically for those with special needs–such a full-circle moment!

October involved rotating with one of the most giving people I know–a physician who invested in me as a learner, as a future teacher, and as a friend. I had the blessing of getting to know him and his family quite well and am so grateful for their friendship and prayers!

December brought a surprisingly fun month of ICU and then I got to go home for a whole week for Christmas! Then I flew to Fort Myers to meet up with one of my best friends for NYE, stayed up all night after ringing in the new year on the beach, then we jetted off to Japan on Jan. 1. We traveled Japan with no previous agenda–we made our plans and reservations each night for the next day. The trip was one-of-a-kind filled with beautiful sights, gracious people, invigorating conversations, and all around fun!

Returned stateside and started my surgery rotation–another one that turned out to be an absolute blast! I loved the surgeon and team I worked with and was once again grateful to see how the Lord had paved the way for me. 


That brings me to February–my birthday weekend kicked off with the PGY-2 girls surprising me with a cake during our girls’ night, then spent the weekend here with mom/dad/Houston (they made the 10+ hr trip Friday just to be here for the weekend!)–we went to a worship night Friday, then some of my favorite restaurants over the weekend, then they headed out this morning. I worked all day then one of my best friends picked me up and drove me to what turned out to be a surprise party! 

I was continually surprised by joy this weekend. God is good. I’m excited for the other “surprised by joy” moments that I believe this year will bring. And as is my tradition, I found a verse to match my age: Psalm 28:7 (see above picture).

He has been so, so good to me–I feel like I’m recognizing that more and more recently as I look back. I’m especially amazed at how often people comment on my joy–because there was a season when “God, give me joy” was my deepest prayer and that prayer seemed impossibly out of reach. Yet now I’m living out the answer. I’m living in the overflow of the joy of the Lord. Every time someone comments on my joy, it reminds me of that season of tears when joy seemed so out of reach–and I remind myself that the same God who was faithful to me then to bring me to this point is the same God who hears my prayers now and will continue to be faithful. Here’s to a year filled with even more adventures! 28 and feeling great 🙂

“All my life You have been faithful, all my life You have been so, so good. With every breath that I am able, I will sing of the goodness of God.”
-“Goodness of God” by Bethel


God’s grace in my life:
He answered the prayer I thought was impossible. Every laugh that wells up within me is a reminder that nothing is impossible for Him. He is good to me, He is faithful. Thank You, Father–Your grace abounds to me.

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The Grave Clothes

…He cried out with a loud voice, ‘Lazarus, come out.’ The man who had died came out, his hands and feet bound with linen strips, and his face wrapped with a cloth. Jesus said to them, ‘Unbind him, and let him go.‘” [John 11: 43-44]

Jesus came to the grave scene and with one command, a dead man walked out alive. This man was brought from death into life…yet Lazarus could have spent that life still bound by the clothes of death. I think it’s so key that Jesus didn’t stop with the resurrection, but made it a point to say:Unbind him, and let him go.

Do you hear the Father whisper that to you? Do you hear Him calling you out of the grave–from death into life? Perhaps you’re like me and He made you alive a long time ago. He didn’t just tweak your bad heart to make it good…He went in and took out your dead heart and gave you a new heart that beats for Him.

But how many of us remain bound in our grave clothes? How many of us remain frozen as the accuser plays scenes from our lives over and over again? As he hits rewind and play, as he pauses certain scenes and revels at the look of anguish on your face, as he writes alternative endings that cause you to despair…as he continues to rewind and play until you forget that there’s more to the story.

As he rewinds and plays and pauses, he slyly allows you to miss out on what’s actually happening in real time in your story. The accuser hates the fast forward button, because he knows something that we often forget: this story has a good ending. Your story ends on a high note. The King wins.

The King won at Calvary–even when all hope seemed lost, when despair seemed logical. Oh, how the accuser must have loved rewinding and pausing the scene of Calvary in the minds of the disciples, reconstructing alternate story lines where they’d never followed Him in the first place and avoided looking like fools, alternate endings where Jesus was never crucified. But while the accuser was busy rewinding and pausing and reconstructing, all of heaven was counting to three. And all the rewinding and pausing couldn’t stop the King’s story from playing. 

One. b3f861d4f9a22535b86b0287e42e0e74



The King walked out and won once and for all. The horrific story line became the heralded story line of His followers. The magnificent resurrection could not happen without the devastating crucifixion. Hear that truth for your life–for your devastation. The King never ends a story with devastation…where there is devastation, there is always resurrection on the horizon. 

The accuser recognized his defeat, but he’s not one to give up. And so he came up with a new plan: if he can’t stop the King from making dead people walk out of the grave, maybe he can convince the dead people to remain in their grave clothes. If they stay trapped in the grave clothes, they’ll never look beyond the devastation that happened to the see the resurrection that will happen.

Oh, but the King will have none of that. And so He firmly speaks those 6 words:

Unbind him, and let him go.”

Hear the words of your King today, my friends. Don’t let the accuser get one more second of convincing you to remain in your grave clothes. Stop replaying those scenes and see the story that’s unfolding before you. The story of life and hope and resurrection. Stop listening to the accuser and start listening to your Advocate.

“My little children, I am writing these things to you so that you may not sin. But if anyone does sin, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous…I am writing to you, little children, because your sins are forgiven for His Name’s sake.” [1 John 2:1, 12].

Whether it’s something you did, something you wish you had done, something someone else did, something you wish someone else had done, something that happened, something you wish had happened…let me whisper this sweet truth to your heart, as the Father has whispered to my heart:

You are loved, whether you feel it or not.

You are chosen, regardless of who has rejected you.

You are made to live whole, even if you are broken.

You are alive, even if the grave clothes deceive you to feel dead.

Dear friend, it’s time to be unbound and let go of the weight of the past, the weight of “what if” and “if only,” the lie of hopelessness, the deception of despair. Your story was not meant to be rewinded or paused. Your story was meant to be lived. 

The King won. The King made you alive

Now watch as the Savior unbinds you and lets you go. May we come alongside each other and follow His command to “unbind him, and let him go.”

The King won. The grave clothes have no place on you anymore. 

Walk in life, walk in hope, walk in victory

Trash those grave clothes…for the King offer you resurrection clothes.

“Then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord, and Satan standing at his right hand to accuse him. And the Lord said to Satan, ‘The Lord rebuke you, O Satan! The Lord who has chosen Jerusalem rebuke you! Is not this a brand plucked from the fire?’ Now Joshua was standing before the angel, clothed with filthy garments. And the angel said to those who were standing before him, ‘Remove the filthy garments from him.’ And to him he said, ‘Behold, I have taken your iniquity away from you, and I will clothe you with pure vestments.‘ And I said, ‘Let them put a clean turban on his head.’ So they put a clean turban on his head and clothed him with garments. And the angel of the Lord was standing by.'” [Joshua 3:1-5]

“I will greatly rejoice in the Lord; my soul shall exult in my God, for He has clothed me with the garments of salvation; He has covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decks himself like a priest with a beautiful headdress, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.” [Isaiah 61:10]

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Last year I stated that 23 was the best year of my life and I was interested to see what 24 would bring.

24 felt like the worst year of my life in many ways.

Many ups and downs…I think I cried more while being 24 than I’d cried the previous 23 years!

But I also feel like I grew more during 24 than ever before (clearly this is not a reference to my height…haha…still repping 5’2″).

I learned what it means to give selflessly, to face fears head-on, to FEEL the emotions of my story, to let down my guard and dive in, to be hurt and disappointed, to be obedient when I’d rather not, to pay the cost of following Christ, to experience despair, to dig deep into “hesed” love, to make mistakes, to feel betrayed, to feel the letdown of failure, to feel like I’m a failure, to struggle with insecurity, to wrestle with God, to feel my hopes dashed, to question His goodness, to pray fervently for heart change, to desperately lament, to embrace brokenness and bring my broken and contrite before the Lord, to express my heart in a new song.

And I learned that all of that made me stronger and braver and better…and the process made me a little more like Jesus.

I learned to choose Christ first and foremost. I then questioned my decision because the result didn’t feel good. But let me tell you–Christ is worth it all. Seriously. I used to say that as one who had never really sacrificed anything for His sake. But now I say that as one who has experienced the pain of sacrifice and still can say: Christ is worth it.

If I have You, I have everything. But without You, I have nothing.”
-Kari Jobe, “More Than Enough”

And all I know is everything I have means nothing, Jesus, if You’re not my one thing…everything I need right now. All I need is You right now.
-Hillsong, “One Thing”

24 was certainly a pruning year. God had to shake things up in my life a bit to bring up the sediment that had settled in my heart. And that sediment was ugly and embarrassing and horrifying…but that sediment was also paid for on the cross at Calvary. My sin was nailed to the cross and I BEAR IT NO MORE…praise the Lord, oh my soul! All the sediment that sneered in Christ’s face, that mocked Him, that spat on Him…all of that was in my heart and God in His goodness decided to step in and clear the sediment. It was painful and hurt like hell…but oh my, what grace He shows me. What amazing grace that looks at my selfish, doubting, fearful heart and still chooses me. Over and over again. He never stops choosing me. “There will never be a day You’re uncertain of the ones You choose.” 

seashellquoteSo 24 involved pruning and learning again how to loosen my grip. God is constantly teaching me to live my life with open hands…it’s a recurrent theme in my life. Things get scary when my open hands form a fist…trying to grip something in my hands and then raising that fist against Him when I don’t understand my circumstances. But He ever lovingly and wisely determines what goes in my hands and what stays in my hands. And He pries my hands open. So now we’re back at the open hand stage because I’ve experienced the danger of closing my hands when my knowledge is so limited compared to His.

And recently, He’s been speaking to me about the beauty of keeping my hands open…open to receive all the blessings He has…open to receive all of Him. For every “no” He firmly gives, He also has a bigger and better “yes.” And that “yes” always involves more of Him. Jesus has been giving me more of Himself, teaching me more about His character, and filling me with His Spirit…the Spirit that produces the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. I’m learning every day to abide in Him–to remain, stay, wait.

And He satisfies. He fulfills. He endures. He sustains. He is everything to me. He gives and takes away but BLESSED be the Name of the Lord. His ways are higher, His thoughts are truer, His plan is better. 

So what do I expect for 25? My verses for this year are Psalm 25 and Romans 8:25.

I expect Him to do big things. I expect Him to prove Himself faithful. I expect myself to declare Him faithful every morning and every evening. I expect that my cup will overflow. I feel strongly that God had to take me through a trial so my heart could be in a place ready to hear from Him and receive what He has planned. And as Psalm 25:10 says–“All the paths of the Lord are steadfast love and faithfulnessfor those who keep his covenant and his testimonies.

Faithful You have been and faithful You will be.

Christ is enough.


God’s grace in my life today:

I have more peace today than I have had in months. Around this time last year, there was a sense of unrest…but now I feel His peace. He delights in me, He stays faithfully by my side, He is Lord over all, He is the King with ultimate authority, He is my Good Shepherd who knows what it feels like to be a sheep like me, He is my Protector, He is my best friend, He is my everything. And the biggest grace for today is that I have hope for the future. Glorious hope. Lord, I’m ready to see you do big things this year. May “25” be for Your glory and display Your glory.

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The One With The Ugly Cry

It’s too late now, but he’s here.

I don’t want to see him. He’s too late.

My sister went to meet him–she’s always been the one who cared about what other people think. Fine, let her go “thank him” for finally showing up 4 days too late. I’m staying here in my misery.

He’s too late.

We’d sent for him days ago. Our brother was sick and we knew there wasn’t much time. Surely the message had reached him earlier. We thought he would care–but where was he when my world fell apart? Why wasn’t he HERE? Why didn’t he stop this?

If he cared, why didn’t he hurry here and do a miracle for us like he’s done for the others?

He could have stopped this pain.

But he did nothing…and now he’s here.

But it’s too late.

Our brother is dead.

My brother has been in the tomb for 4 days, and I feel like I’ve been dead inside for 4 days…this pain is too unbearable to live with…I almost wish I was the one in the tomb. At least then I’d be out of this misery.

“The Teacher is here and is calling for you.”

I can see by the look in my sister’s eyes that there’s something different. I’ve seen that look before–everyone who talks to him seems to walk away a little different…a little better.

He’s too late, but this pain feels suffocating and I can hardly bear it anymore. I get up quickly to meet him and go outside. Of course, everyone around me thinks I’m going to the tomb to weep some more, so they’re following me to keep trying to console me. They’ve been trying this for days and it’s not working: they know how miserable I am. At least they showed up when he wasn’t here.

Then I see him.

He’s here.

The tears come back–how is it even possible for me to still have tears left to cry?

As I fall down at his feet weeping, I verbalize the thought that’s been haunting me before the sobs take my body captive once again.

“If you had been here, my brother would not have died.”

I can’t stop weeping into my arms. I know I look miserable as I ugly cry–but I am miserable. I’m not like my sister–I can’t keep up a good impression up when I feel this bad. He could have stopped this–He could have spared me from all this pain. But instead he comes 4 days too late and “calls for me.”

In between the heaving sobs, I lift my head to catch my breath…and I catch a glimpse of him.

He’s weeping.

I look around at all the ones who’ve tried to console me the past few days…and then I look back at him.

He’s weeping.

I hear some of my friends saying, “See how he loved him!”

And I hear the whispers of others asking the same question I’ve been asking.

“Could not he who opened the eyes of the blind man also have kept this man from dying?”

But I see him weeping and it strikes me that he’s inherently God–I truly believe he is–but yet he’s also fully human…which means he’s not immune to pain. He’s weeping. He’s feeling this pain I’ve been enduring. He’s feeling my pain. And He’s weeping.

The waterworks start and the ugly cry takes over again–seriously, how is it possible to have this many tears left when I’ve already shed so many?

We get to the tomb so he can see where my dead brother was laid in the cave. He’s asking them to take away the stone–what is he thinking?

Of course, my sister speaks up and reminds him that our brother has been dead for FOUR days. And he looks at her with his kind eyes and says:

“Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God?”

Apparently that’s enough to convince my sister–she gives them the go ahead and they take away the stone.

Now my tears have stopped because I’m trying to hear what he’s saying as he looks up in the sky. I push through the large crowd of people–my friends who’d come to console me–to get closer to him.

“Father, I thank You that You have heard me. I knew that You always hear me, but I said this on account of the people standing around, that they may believe that You sent me.”

There’s a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach now. Something is about to happen. Almost as if in a dream, I hear him call my brother’s name loudly.

And my brother–who has been dead for FOUR days–walks out. His hands and feet were bound with linen strips and his face was wrapped with a cloth. But there was no denying it–my dead brother is now alive.

And I’m frozen in place with tears flowing once more as my thoughts run wild.

He wasn’t too late.

He’d had a plan all along.

He let my brother die so he could do something amazing through that death.

He’d healed many, but I hadn’t heard of him raising someone to life.

I’d wanted him to fix my problem by healing my brother, but he’d chosen a different–and more painful–path for this story.

And I wasn’t alone in my pain. It hits me again that he wept…he wept, even though he knew how the story would end.

He knew what he was about to do. He knew my brother was about to come back to life–that he was about to raise my brother from the dead.

And yet he wept. He felt the pain of the story. It wasn’t just my pain to bear, even though it had felt like I was alone, no matter how many of my friends tried to console me. He wept because he felt the pain too.

I, of course, didn’t know the end of the story…all I knew was this unbearably real pain that cuts like a knife to the core of my very being.

All I knew were the nights I’d cried myself to sleep, praying and wishing and hoping for the healing to come…praying and wishing and hoping that he would get our message and just show up and fix everything so I wouldn’t have to hurt anymore.

All I knew were the nights after the death when I tried to move on and accept that the healing hadn’t come…and how those nights ended with me in the fetal position, sobbing until my body shook and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. How I questioned why he didn’t come…why he didn’t care…why he didn’t fix it all…why he allowed this pain to hurt me when he knew how much I loved him and believed him and expected him to do a miracle and bring the healing. I believed he would do the miracle I was begging for…and then he didn’t show up. That’s what I knew.

But he knew the story. He knew the pain. He felt the pain of the story, even though he knew the ending. He felt the pain of death when he could have swept in and saved us all from the pain by doing a miracle when I’d wanted him to show up. He chose to endure the pain of the moment for the hope of the future.

Because look at all these people believing in him now–people I love who’d come to console me. They’d never believed in him before, no matter how hard I tried to convince them that he is God…yet they do now. They get it. But they wouldn’t have believed in him if I hadn’t been in pain because if I hadn’t been in pain, they wouldn’t have come to console me. And I wouldn’t have been in pain if he had just showed up on time–on my time.

But his timing is better. Apparently he’s able to do immeasurably more than all I ask or imagine. Because all I could ask was for him to show up and all I could imagine was for him to heal my brother.

But this story is beyond my wildest imagination.

I look at him again as tears stream down my face and I see him watching me with those kind eyes. I see the glistening of tears in his eyes and I know he must have an idea of all these thoughts running around in my head.

He wasn’t too late.
He’s never too late.
And His plan–even if painful–is perfect.

“Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God?”

My beloved Jesus, I believe. May Your glory be revealed through this story.


God’s grace in my life:

He brings pain so I can learn to trust Him. He sees the big picture, even when I don’t…and it’s better than any single puzzle piece that I’m focused on at the moment. He feels my pain and He is not some faraway god–He is a God who shows up in the middle of the story when everything seems hopeless and He weeps with me. And He’s allowing this part of the story because there’s a beautiful mountain of life up ahead that cannot be fully appreciated without first walking through the valley of death.

{The above story is based on a very true story, but written as my speculation of what Mary may have experienced. Check out John 11 for the Biblical account of that very true event.}

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Therefore I will wait

Lamentations 3:22-23–“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.

For those avid followers of this blog (thanks, dad!!), you may remember that my verse for “23” was from Lamentations. I wanted 23 to proclaim: “Great is Your faithfulness!”

As I was spending some time in His Word today, I turned back to that passage and read the whole chapter…a lot of sorrow10514-Great-Is-Thy-Faithfulness and despair until we get to verse 22! And then I read vs. 24:

“I say to myself, ‘The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him.'” (some translations say “Therefore I will hope in Him”)

That verse, without my realization, has encompassed a vast majority of 24…I realize I still have about 4 months of being 24, so maybe that will change. But I have a feeling that verse will forever resonate with my heart.

The Lord is my portion. Christ is all I need. Whether I realize it or not, He is truly EVERYTHING. So often I get caught up in the seemingly big problems of life…but that’s why it’s so important for me to sit in His presence…Because in His presence, all my fear is washed away. In His presence, the worries of the day cease. In His presence, I see my problems for what they are and, more importantly, I see Him for who He is. In His presence, I can trade my anxiety for His peace. In His presence, I see my sin revealed and feel sorrow. In His presence, I see my debt paid and feel gratitude. In His presence, I’m reminded that Christ is all I need.

And let’s be real: sometimes you sit and wait for Him and feel nothing. But as Brooke Fraser puts it so well:


“Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge Him. As surely as the sun rises, He will appear; He will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth.” {Hosea 6:3}John-Piper-Discipline-to-rise-early

I don’t know everything that’s going on in your life, most of you don’t everything that’s going on in my life. But let me
encourage you, friends: time spent in His presence is never wasted time. Press on to acknowledge His presence in your life. Wait for Him–He will show up. Hope in Him–He will come through. If you have a lot going on in your life–whether it’s stress, anxiety, loneliness, fear, despair, work, relationships, school, uncertainty, guilt, shame, sin, etc–just take it to Him. Go to bed early so you can wake up early and start your day with Him. I’m SO not a morning person–but I’m realizing more and more how important it is to start my day with Him. Lay your agenda at His feet and listen to His agenda for your day. Keep pressing on to experience more of Him each day.

Satan is constantly at work trying to bombard you with lies about yourself. He’ll use any means necessary to make you believe you’re not good enough, you’re unlovable, you’re a lost cause, your sin is too much, you’re too far gone, you are ugly, you are stupid, you are hopeless. But don’t believe his lies. I don’t care if it’s a magazine, billboard, Facebook post, person, TV show, or whatever that is feeding you that lie. The most powerful lies as the lies we believe. Recognize those beliefs as lie and press in to hear the Voice of Truth.

The Voice that says you are intentionally created, you are loved, you are redeemed, you are bought with a price, you are forgiven, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, you have a purpose.

Friends, you are so loved by the King of Kings. I don’t have all the answers to your future or mine–I don’t have all the solutions to the world’s problems–but this I know:

“The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him.”

God’s grace in my life today:

He gives me strength to obey Him and His presence brings peace.

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What is Love?

It’s been awhile, friends. Lots has happened in my life! The update post will (maybe) come another day…or better yet, in a real-life convo 🙂

However, I’ve really been learning a lot over the past few months about what love is and just as importantly, about what love is not. So since writing is one of my favorite ways of processing, I thought I’d share a snippet of what Jesus has been teaching me.

much love to you all 🙂 xoxo

4021541f6ea7b872a98b29e1d4696255What is love?

The nanny who brings a special needs little boy in and cannot stop bragging with delight about all his progress recently.

The adult son who tenderly touches his sickly elderly mother’s hand and whispers, “Mom, it’s me. I’m here. Your son is here.”

The husband who faithfully cares for his wheelchair bound wife who can barely move or verbally respond to him. 

The friend who reads the “I’m having a rough day” text and calls immediately to bring to mind the goodness and love of God even on the bad days. 

The wife who is at her husband’s bedside day and night to remind him of her love in the midst of his suffering. 

The adult daughter who takes time off work to sit with her terminally ill father in the hospital and color with him. 

The doctor who takes time out of a busy schedule to talk to a child about bullying and reminds the child that she’s valuable, regardless of her disability.

The couple that clings to their God and to each other when they hear the news that they’re infertile. 

The boy who proves he’s a man when he stands by his girlfriend after a horrific car accident that changed their lives forever…then one day gets down on one knee to ask a question that will change their lives forever. 

The dad who prioritizes his family and shows up for every game, concert, award ceremony, event…and loves through words and actions

The mom who sacrificially lays down her life moment by moment, day by day, to raise kids who will inevitably grow up, leave home, and maybe call her occasionally.

The parents who hear “I hate you” thrown in their faces and still fiercely love and tearfully pray for their children.

The King who willfully leaves His throne to be hated and killed by the very people He came to save.

b0dfc0a3a47cf7adb946879269590ad3What is love?

(according to 1 Cor. 13, NIV and The Message)

Love is patient {Love never gives up}

Love is kind {Love cares more for others than for self}

What is NOT love?

Love does not envy –> envy is not love {Love doesn’t want what it does not have}

Love does not boast –> boasting is not love {Love doesn’t strut}

Love is not proud –> pride is not love {Love doesn’t have a swelled head}

Love is not rude –> rudeness is not love {Love doesn’t force itself on others}

Love is not self-seeking –> self-seeking is not love {Love isn’t always “me first”}

Love is not easily angered –> easily angered is not love {Love doesn’t fly off the handle}

It keeps no record of wrongs –> keeping record of wrongs is not love {Love doesn’t keep score of the sins of others}

It does not delight in evil –> delighting in evil is not love {Love doesn’t revel when others grovel}

226203bfb767e4a4fff7682ac0ebc700What does Love DO?

Love rejoices in the truth {Love takes pleasure in the flowering of truth}

Love always protects {Love puts up with anything}

Love always trusts {Love trusts God always}

Love always hopes {Love always looks for the best}

Love always perseveres {Love never looks back}

Love never fails {Love keeps going to the end}

God’s grace in my life today:

He’s teaching me more about Himself…which means I’m learning more about His love and more about what it means to be loved.