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What is Love?

It’s been awhile, friends. Lots has happened in my life! The update post will (maybe) come another day‚Ķor better yet, in a real-life convo ūüôā

However, I’ve really been learning a lot over the past few months about what love is and just as importantly, about what love is not. So since writing is one of my favorite ways of processing, I thought I’d share a snippet of what Jesus has been teaching me.

much love to you all ūüôā xoxo

4021541f6ea7b872a98b29e1d4696255What is love?

The nanny who brings a special needs little boy in and cannot stop bragging with delight about all his progress recently.

The adult son who tenderly touches his sickly elderly¬†mother’s hand and whispers, “Mom, it’s me. I’m here. Your son is here.”

The husband who faithfully cares for his wheelchair bound wife who can barely move or verbally respond to him. 

The friend who reads the “I’m having a rough day” text and calls¬†immediately to bring to mind the goodness and love of God even on the bad days.¬†

The wife who is at her husband’s bedside day and night to remind him of her love in the midst of his suffering.¬†

The adult daughter who takes time off work to sit with her terminally ill father in the hospital and color with him. 

The doctor who takes time out of a busy schedule to talk to a child about bullying and reminds the child that she’s valuable, regardless of her disability.

The couple that clings to their God and to each other when they hear the news that they’re¬†infertile.¬†

The boy who proves he’s a man when he stands by his girlfriend after a horrific car accident that changed their lives forever‚Ķthen one day gets down on one knee to ask a question that will change their lives forever.¬†

The dad who prioritizes his family and shows up for every game, concert, award ceremony, event…and loves through words and actions. 

The mom who sacrificially lays down her life moment by moment, day by day, to raise kids who will inevitably grow up, leave home, and maybe call her occasionally.

The parents who hear “I hate you” thrown in their faces and still fiercely love and tearfully pray for their children.

The King who willfully leaves His throne to be hated and killed by the very people He came to save.

b0dfc0a3a47cf7adb946879269590ad3What is love?

(according to 1 Cor. 13, NIV and The Message)

Love is patient {Love never gives up}

Love is kind {Love cares more for others than for self}

What is NOT love?

Love does not envy –> envy is not love {Love¬†doesn’t want what it does not have}

Love does not boast –> boasting is not love {Love doesn’t strut}

Love¬†is not proud –> pride is not love {Love doesn’t have a swelled head}

Love¬†is not rude –> rudeness is not love¬†{Love doesn’t force itself on others}

Love¬†is not self-seeking –> self-seeking is not love¬†{Love isn’t always “me first”}

Love¬†is not easily angered –> easily angered is not love¬†{Love doesn’t fly off the handle}

It keeps no record of wrongs –> keeping record of wrongs is not love¬†{Love doesn’t keep score of the sins of others}

It does not delight in evil –> delighting in evil is not love¬†{Love doesn’t revel when others grovel}

226203bfb767e4a4fff7682ac0ebc700What does Love DO?

Love rejoices in the truth {Love takes pleasure in the flowering of truth}

Love always protects {Love puts up with anything}

Love always trusts {Love trusts God always}

Love always hopes {Love always looks for the best}

Love always perseveres {Love never looks back}

Love never fails {Love keeps going to the end}

God’s grace in my life today:

He’s teaching me more about Himself‚Ķwhich means I’m learning more about His love and¬†more about what it means to be loved.