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The In-Between


The Saturday in-between Good Friday and Easter Sunday is possibly my most favorite day of the year. This is the day when people thought all hope was lost–their Jesus had been killed and was lying dead in a grave. All the promises He had made, all the miracles they had witnessed, all the love they had seen in His eyes…all appeared to be a lie.

But what they didn’t know was heaven was counting to three. The greatest promise was on the verge of being fulfilled, the greatest miracle was about to be witnessed, the greatest act of love was about to burst from that grave.

So this day is a reminder that even when all hope seems lost, it’s not.

God is at work.

Take heart, dear friends.

You may be living in the in-between…you’re in the aftermath of the horror of Friday…

but Sunday is coming.


God’s grace in my life:

He’s shown me over and over again that He is worthy of my trust. He’s at work even when I don’t see Him. By His grace, He’s opened my eyes recently to see Him more and more. It’s a beautiful thing to be a child of the King.


One thought on “The In-Between

  1. Rosh,
    Wonderful words of inspiration and hope! You communicate beautifully as always!
    Love ❤ you.

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