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I think maybe 23 was the best year of my life so far. 8e152dc8ba952669f70a35571442adfe

God answered a lot of prayers…some prayers that I had prayed a long time and many new prayers.

There have been multiple times this past year when I’ve legitimately just paused to take a deep breath in because the blessings are so overwhelmingly wonderful. It’s like when you walk into the kitchen and the food smells amazing, so you just need a minute to stand there and inhale the aromas.

(For the record, that would probably not happen in MY kitchen because there are very few food aromas happening there at the moment…)

Remember when I talked about living the surprised life?

Friends, my King has surprised me over and over this past year.

He delights in bringing me joy. His mercies are truly new every morning. His faithfulness never ends.

As I’ve been reflecting on this past year with Jesus, I’ve had this deep stirring in my heart about what I want my life to look like this next year. Last year, I really focused on His faithfulness. This year, I want to live a life of praise. A life filled with gratitude over the stories that don’t make sense apart from Christ.

I was on a jog/walk the other day thinking about this when I passed some flooded fields. The water in the fields looked like it contained clouds. But obviously that wasn’t the case–the scene in the water was simply a reflection of the reality in the sky.

fadb2c857040574008b6e2acbba45ff5That’s what I want for my life…to be a reflection of the reality of my King. I want to remember and be excited about all the stories that don’t make sense apart from Him. The times when He’s come through for me in major ways. The times when He’s given me the desires of my heart. The times when He’s lovingly changed the desires of my heart. The times when He’s called me out of my comfort zone so I can learn He is worthy of my trust. The random strangers He’s put in my path who have spoken His truth over me. The random strangers He’s put in my path so I can speak His truth over them. The strangers who become friends and then best friends and then family

And I want new stories like that. But I don’t want the story to end with me–I want people to hear those stories and see my life…and be awakened to the reality of my King

63ffca17795acfa62896c9f3de29353cI’m not sure what this year has in store. There are some big changes coming up. And sometimes that seems scary. But I don’t want to worship the idol of knowing. I don’t want to worship the idol of fear or anxiety or doubt or selfishness or pride. I want to wholeheartedly worship the One True King.

The One who takes me on the best adventures. The One that will continue to hold my hand as we go through new adventures. The One who makes me brave. The One who loves me unconditionally, specifically, and intentionally. 

I’ve had 23 years of adventures with my Jesus.

Here’s to making it 24


God’s grace in my life:

He has shown Himself so faithful this past year! I can’t even count all the blessings. He enabled me to finish my first year of med school with joy, enjoy a bunch of awesome vacations with my family, travel to California for the “summer that lasts a lifetime” where I discovered how much I absolutely LOVE leading worship. So many awesome new relationships were formed. I dug into the truth that He makes beautiful things out of us…He takes our brokenness aside and makes it beautiful. I hid more of His Word in my heart.

I haven’t loved med school this year, but His grace is evident even in that, I know that He has a plan–my worth and joy comea464692c4b26056bc0790db7ca7a4124 not from med school (thank God), but from knowing Jesus. And Jesus is with me even when I don’t like where I am. He’s taught me to see my life as worship and as a sacrifice poured out for Him. So there is joy even in the not-so-fun times. Seeing Him answer prayers from last year just reminds me over and over again how faithful He is. I’m so glad to know the Author of my story. There is such joy and freedom in being the daughter of the King. Christ is enough.