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This heart of mine


This heart of mine wants to stay protected.

This heart of mine wants to stay intact.

This heart of mine likes to keep all guards up.

This heart of mine prefers to stick to facts.

This heart will not be broken

really means “my heart will not be open.

To want love without any pain

is to expect the sun but fear the rain.

Above all, this heart wants to know You more

to experience You like never before.

Father, open up my heart:

May I thank You for the joy

Cling to You in the pain

Dance when the sunshine abounds

Praise You when it’s pouring rain.

May I live my life with an open heart and outstretched arms,

remembering that You work all things for good and not for harm.

May I trust You in the good, trust You in the bad,

Trust that knowing You is worth giving up all I have.

Jesus, open up this heart of mine a little more each hour.

Because Lord, this heart of mine is really not mine at all,

but wholly, completely Yours.