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Med School Update + 40 Days

Happy summer, everyone! With summer, comes my obsession with nail polish.


Sounds good, Ry-guy.

Back to the topics at hand:

Med School Update

For those of you who were wondering what ended up happening with this post and this post, here’s a quick med school recap: 

I was accepted to 3 awesome schools, including one dual degree program with a stipend.

I was hoping for my top campus choice…and I got the one campus I had always flippantly dismissed (that’s what the first linked post is about).

I visited this campus and realized that I should be more discerning about whose opinions I accept as my own. The campus and town pleasantly surprised me (it was gorgeous!), the dean was phenomenal, and I realized I could see myself there…but it was much farther away than I wanted. I really wanted to be closer to family and closer to where my brother lives. 

So I had to decide if I wanted to 1) pick my top school and risk being far away, 2) pick my top school and enter the Second Chance Lottery (details below) but still risk being far away, or 3) pick one of the other two awesome schools. Basically, any option would result in me being a doctor, but each would be a very different path/life for me. 

After a lot of praying/list-making/discussing, I turned down (aka “broke up with”) 2 med schools and decided to take the risk.

I officially chose IUSM as my medical school.


And I entered the Second Chance Lottery. Basically, that means I sent in a form saying I’m definitely going here, but I want to be transferred to Campus X. It took me forever to decide which campus “X” to choose. And then Friday night (it was due 5 days later on Wednesday), I stayed up really late and prayed that God would counsel me and instruct my heart (Psalm 16:7–current favorite verse). I fell asleep confident about which campus I should choose. And I woke up, prayed, told my family, prayed, and we sent the form.

Then I had to sit and wait. I was told that last year the students received an email around June 7 with the results. We called to make sure my form had been received…and then realized it was received one day past the deadline! Something got messed up with the mail. That’s when I realized how badly I wanted to be transferred to this new campus. I was just so confident that God directed me to choose that campus, so I had this doubt creeping in that maybe I had converted my feelings into God’s leading (pulled the “God card”). But I had just spoken the previous night about not doubting the Lord’s direction in our lives even when circumstance seem to encourage doubt and anxiety. So it was time to put my words into practice! Shortly after reminding myself that my peace rests in a Sovereign God, I found out that my form was still being entered in the lottery. Praise God!

So I was tutoring at a neighbor’s home last Thursday, when my mom called and said I got transferred! It was such an exciting moment for me, especially since I didn’t expect to hear anything until June 7th. I love surprises and I’m so thankful for such a wonderful surprise! So friends, I received the campus I wanted and I’m thrilled to begin medical school there! After the first two years of med school, I will get to do my clinical rotations (last 2 years) in one of my favorite cities 🙂 Yay! Thanks for all your prayers!

40 Days

I’m one of those people who goes 100% on everything.

If you give me a test, I zone in and become completely unaware of my surroundings.

(One time a teacher asked me if I noticed the kid next to me cheating…all I could tell him was that I didn’t even notice the kid there because I get tunnel vision during a test)

If you tell me to relax, I can literally lie on the couch all day.

“When I’m not working, I am the laziest person. I can literally lie on a couch and watch television for 15 hours. I hate people who say, ‘Oh, I’m addicted to working out. ‘I just want to punch those people in the face.”

Right on, J-Law. RIGHT ON.

Currently, I haven’t really “thrown myself” into anything. It’s summer, so I’m enjoying the break from school, and I’m working 32 hours a week. But summer doesn’t last forever…dun dun dun. 

Truly, though, I want to get more disciplined with my time. Basically I want to treat more hours like it’s my favorite TV show hour. 

When one of my favorite TV shows is on, I want everyone to hush and let me watch in peace. The only talking allowed is witty comments (mostly made by me…which means I also need to be surrounded by people who find me witty). I actually tend to watch most of my shows recorded rather than live (goodbye, commercials!)…so this example has sort of gone down the drain. But the point is, I want to have discipline that I’m excited for: time carved out specifically for beneficial activities. 

Here are the two disciplines I’m trying to add this summer: 

1) A consistent workout routine. I’ve got a 60 day gym membership…already missed day 1 haha. But today is a brand new day! Time to get disciplined!

2) Most important: a consistent devotion time. I always read my Bible as soon as I wake up. And I almost always read a verse right before I fall asleep. But I want to get a little more structured in that area. So here’s the plan: go through the Gospels in 40 days. Hello, JESUS/Matthew/Mark/Luke/John. I’ll be using this plan. And I’m going to try to blog about my answers to those 3 questions. So stay tuned for that. 

Now, I’m off to the gym!

God’s grace in my life today:

He’s giving me insight these days. More on that next time…


5 thoughts on “Med School Update + 40 Days

  1. I love how we are alike…we both throw ourselves into work 100% but when we aren’t working, we are perfectly okay with sitting on the couch all day watching our favorite shows. We both want to get on a workout routine but seem to always “drop the ball” when it comes down to finding the time/energy to go to the gym. And we both want more consistent & specific devotions each day. So after all that, I just want to say that I completely understand & relate with this post…I love you bestie! =)

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