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Ry-guy & Update a la Oscars

In honor of finishing my undergrad career:


In honor of the fact that the studying will not end for a long time:



Yeah, I finished exams on Tuesday…but I’ve been going going going so this is the first time I’m sitting down to think about the fact that I’m done with undergrad! Expect more memes after I graduate next Thursday.


Guys, this has been my song for the past few weeks. The lyrics totally hit home recently!

“You Are” by Colton Dixon

So in reference to my last post:

I didn’t get what I was praying for specifically 😦

…but the Lord did answer the deeper prayer of my heart. 

I was praying to be placed in a specific campus, and I was placed in the last campus I imagined.

That was tough. I was very disappointed, to say the least.

Some of y’all may be wondering why it’s a big deal at all, but we all know how much it sucks when we get excited about a plan only to see the plan crumble.

It’s not fun. And it takes a while to move on from the plan.

So yeah, that sucked. 

BUT…the good news is that my ultimate prayer in this situation is that I will go where the Lord sends me.

So, I guess He at least ruled out one option for me! 

And although it’s not what I wanted, I’m thankful that He narrowed down my options.

I’m kinda back to square one though because I have three schools (but now 4 potential campuses) and I need to decide which option is the best.

So I would greatly appreciate your prayers.

I want to be wise and open to where God wants me, even if it’s the last place I ever thought I’d be.

‘For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways My ways,’ declares the Lord.
‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are My ways higher than your ways
    and My thoughts than your thoughts.’

-Isaiah 55:8-9

Also, thank you to those of you who have really been there for me through this decision making process.

Let’s do this Oscars acceptance speech style:

Mom and Dad–thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. Oh and I love you much.

Broski–you’re funny. Love you.

Mrs. B–thank you for calling and asking how I’m doing. Thank you and Pastor G for praying and giving me advice. I’m so blessed to have both of you in my life as role models, mentors, friends, and prayer warriors. 

Mrs. W–thank you for the sweet yet honest text and for being real about your situation. I’m glad we met you and Mr. W and even though I know you didn’t want to move away, I’m biased and I think you moved to the best state in the country…and I can’t wait to come visit 🙂 I appreciate your prayers, encouragement, and texts with Bible verses to point me to the Lord.

Mrs. J–thank you for having me over and talking with me. I enjoyed our walk and I appreciated the questions you asked to get me thinking about what I really want and what God is teaching me. I’m blessed that my mom’s prayer partner has become a prayer warrior for me too.

Various med students I’ve pestered with questions–thanks for helping out and answering my endless questions!

NW & JW–thanks for having me over for dinner last night. It was so refreshing and fun to hang out with the two of you. Your relationship and love is exciting to watch. Thanks for letting me be a part of your lives! JW–I’m so glad we talked and I look forward to many more “girl talks,” nosy questions for each other, and game nights 🙂

Lisa–bestie, thanks for being there. That keychain is a constant reminder of where my heart needs to be. No matter where I end up, I know you will be visiting and that means the world to me. Enough said 🙂

CF–you’re almost CH! Thanks for being patient with me and ridiculously understanding. It really floors me that we’re still friends sometimes 🙂 You are wonderful and I can’t wait to be a part of your big day…and then continue to be a part of your beautiful life.

AS–good thing your middle name isn’t Steven. Just saying. But thanks for your friendship and prayers (…and the midget jokes of course). I’m praying for your decision and I can’t wait to see where the Lord leads you! Maybe one day you’ll go back to “the Garden”…Jai ho. 

Mel–thank you for the blonde joke (Disney left). It made me laugh when I was bummed. Thanks for the godly advice and just for being there. I’m extremely thankful for that week we spent in Indy because that’s when we became best friends (instead of hating each other hahaha)…oh, and that’s when all the awkward moments started. I can’t wait to see how awkward our double date will be. 🙂

Good thing I’ll (probably?) never win an Oscar, because my acceptance speech would be “annoyingly” thankful…

Love you all. 

God’s grace in my life today:

I don’t know where I’m going, but I know that He is going ahead of me and He will be with me.

And that’s more than enough for me!

(although, it would be nice to know where I’m going asap, Lord… haha)


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