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They’re going to the chapel

…and they’re gonna get ma-a-a-arried.


One of my best friends (can you have more than one best friend? am I defying nature?) and two other close friends are getting married soon.

If you know me, you know that I love watching people and I like finding patterns.

(I throw these fun facts in here to make you want to know me…I’m a fun girl, you guys.)

What do I mean by patterns?

Well I was thinking about my friends getting married and get this:

My best friend C is marrying J1.

My close friend G is marrying J2.

My close friend N is marrying J3.


How crazy is that?

They’re all marrying people whose names being with the letter J!

For a pattern lover like me, it was basically Christmas morning last night as this fact dawned on me.

(See how I used “morning,” “night,” and “dawned” all in the same sentence?)

Anyway, suffice it to say that I had a surprise party in my head to celebrate that.

(How can I have a SURPRISE party in my head, you ask? hey, it’s my head and my party so I can make it a surprise party if I want to…and I wanted to)

I’d actually like to get them to write a post for this blog explaining their love story–how they met God, how they met their (almost) spouse. 

I just sent them all a text, so we’ll see…oh, as I was writing this, N just said he’d do a guest post. Get excited, people!

P.S. If anyone else wants to write a guest post, let me know.

Ok, this post had no real purpose, so I’ll leave you with three funny stories from the ongoing document that my best friend–and future MOH–Mel and I put together to compile all our embarrassing moments in one place. 

To give you some background on these stories…

R refers to me. M refers to her.

This all took place at IndyCC (A Cru winter retreat that we went to our freshman year)

We gave pretty much everyone we met a nickname.


friends are fun

Story 1:

We took note that the Wabash guys were all wearing suits. They were our “landmarks” for Indiana Cru.

We (R&M) stood up and introduced each other even though we didn’t go to the same school…majorly awkward moment…the beginning of MANY awkward moments.

Exercise competition. Right side (our side) won for Jumping Jacks. Left side (Wabash, IUPUI, Valpo) won for push ups. Wall sit was the tie breaker.

Our side picked someone. M looked at R and said she could do it for an hour and 45 minutes.

R started repeatedly saying “hour and 45…hour 45!!!”

Some Butler guy (Aka Red Shirt) came to M and said, “Hey don’t you play volleyball?” R had mentioned this fun fact when introducing M.

So M was chosen for the right side and R got super competitive and was in M’s face wanting her to win. M beat the Wabash guy. Boom roasted.

Instead of hanging around to make friends, we thought it was a good idea to literally run out of the room and go to room 1221.

After we got to room 1221, we realized we had nothing to do and should have made friends so we went back down to Ballroom 1…which was empty.

Ok, so I’m not a very athletic person (although I apparently like running out of rooms…?). Shocking, I know. I play tennis…and that’s about it. But I get SUPER competitive in games even if I’m not playing. I like to win, you guys. So don’t judge me for getting in M’s face. It helped us win. That was my contribution to the team. Also, we REALLY wanted to make friends. People like to be friends with winners…so we wanted to win THAT MUCH MORE. 

friends are fun

Story 2:

Our roommates asked again if we wanted to go to Steak and Shake. We said yes and went up to get our coats.

Then we decided to just go to the food court, so we called our roommates and told them.

We got to the food court and thought we should find a table first.

We couldn’t find a table.

We stood in the middle of all the tables and watched everyone hoping someone would come and ask us to sit with them…no one did.

So then we decided to get food and stood in line for Subway for at least 10 minutes.

Then we got sick of waiting. Melissa got pizza. Roshini got Chinese food.

We found a random open table with 4 chairs. We took two and figured we would make two new friends.

Instead two people asked to use the chairs and pulled them to the table next to us to meet those people instead. Boom roasted.

We quickly finished eating.

Our original plan had been to make friends during lunch and skip the 1:00 session so we could hang out with our new friends.

That didn’t happen. So we went to a 1:00 session about God’s Will.

You guys, it was so pathetic at the time. I mean, we didn’t know if we should laugh or cry. We laughed because neither of us like to cry. But now we laugh because we genuinely find it funny.

friends are fun

Story 3:

In the elevator, we saw fact guy who informed everyone that he had been riding the elevator all day.

We thought it was weird. But then decided to do the same.

We got in an empty elevator and pressed all 19 buttons. Unforunately, people got on at the next floor: a couple and a guy we called elevator guy.

The couple gave us a weird look and commented that we must have a lot of time on our hands. If only they knew.

R explained that we were trying to reenact Elf.

The elevator guy said it was cool with him.

The couple got off at the next floor and all the buttons turned off.
Elevator guy ran to them and hit them all again.

We decided he was cool in our book…but chose not to introduce ourselves and make a friend.

Instead of hanging around to meet people, we thought it was a good idea to speed walk to the evening session.

We found Indiana Cru and sat next to Valpo people thinking we would finally make friends.

Again an epic fail. Boom roasted.

Wabash guys were sitting in the row ahead of us and we excitedly noticed that elevator guy was there.

Sadly, we then noticed he was flaring his arms to demonstrate our Elf reenactment.

Then we saw that the guy he was talking to was push-up guy and he was telling elevator guy about the wall-sit ordeal.

We were excited that someone finally knew who we were but not excited about the reason.

Elevator guy eventually became Elf guy. And we eventually learned push-up guy’s real name and Elf guy’s real name. OH, and get this: thanks to fact guy who gave us the idea to ride up and down in the hotel elevator, we ended up meeting two other girls who were doing the SAME THING and they were playing cards (like a full out card game, sitting on the elevator floor)…so we joined forces and all played cards. Two cool things came out of that: 1) I realized how awesome the card game KEMPS is (I had just learned KEMPS the night before M and I left for IndyCC…our friend Aaron had a party and we played cards there). 2) One of the girls we met in the elevator is now best friends with one of my best friends (C). So we’re in C’s wedding party together! She’s the MOH and I’m a bridesmaid. What are the odds?!

Anyway, enjoy your day.

Do something that will make for a good story later.

friends are fun

God’s grace in my life today:

He sovereignly gave me the best friends I have.

M and I used to despise each other from 4th grade til high school basically. She was athletic (like annoyingly so) and I was/am not (like frustratingly so). But then we became best friends. And even though we’re separated by distance, we have more than enough embarrassing stories together for us to stay close (and those stories are growing every day btw).

C and I were as opposite as could be when we first met. I literally remember thinking, “Yeah, we’re never going to be friends” when I met her. Yet it’s amazing how a friendship can grow when Christ is the center! We’ve stayed close through high school, college, and now she’s getting MAAAARRRRIEED!!! Also, C is the same girl from this post who decided she wants to get married because it’s a picture of the Gospel (prior to that revelation, she had no interest in being married…like I said, we were complete opposites).

L and I actually hit it off right away. We went on a camping trip together and have been best friends ever since! We’ve had ups and downs together, but God is faithful and uses us to encourage each other. She’s hands-down one of the most trustworthy people I know. 

Ok, I already admitted my love of patterns and all that…so I’ll throw this fun fact out there:

M is my grade school friend (meaning I met her when we were in 4th grade and we even switched schools together during 5th grade…we were “friends” in the sense that our parents wanted us to be friends (mainly our moms lol), but we technically didn’t become best friends until high school)

C is my high school friend (I think I met her in 8th grade, but our friendship actually started  in high school)

L is my college friend ( I met her late spring/early summer before my sophomore year of college…the camping trip was over Labor Day weekend)

I’m also thankful for my other sweet friends.

Love you all.


One thought on “They’re going to the chapel

  1. Love your stories Roshmuffin, they make me crack up =) oh and I love you too! That Labor Day weekend ranks as one of the best in my life & I’m glad we instantly bonded & are a constant encouragement to each other =) ❤ ~ L

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