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Even though every personality test I’ve taken in my psych classes has told me I’m an extrovert, I’m pretty sure I’m an introvert. As I told a friend once: I think I’m a friendly introvert who loves people. 

Because I do love spending time with people. 

But oh my goodness, how I love solitude 🙂

I love reading alone, watching movies alone, journaling alone.

…and by “alone” I mean either by myself or with my adorable puppy sleeping on the floor next to my bed.

Because who can resist a golden retriever? 🙂

he is so cute.

God’s grace in my life:

Having my brother home for the summer is so fun!



One thought on “Introvert?

  1. I’m with you, Roshini. I consider myself a closet introvert. People assume that because I lead worship, am comfortable with public speaking and singing, etc. that I’m a natural extrovert, but when it’s all said and done, I love to curl up all by myself with a good book and a steamy cup of tea. That’s where I’m refreshed.

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