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Oh My Word

Remember the Phillips family?

They arrived at our home last Saturday and left this morning.

We had so much fun with them!

Like I said last night, they are my new favorite family.

They fit in perfectly with us, joked around, and were such a joy and blessing to have here!

To recap our week together:

Saturday–we met CP for the first time (she had been away at camp when we stayed with her family in Budapest), ate a delicious dinner, Chris and I made a run to Walgreens to buy nail polish and then we stayed up late doing our nails and watching America’s Got Talent. She did a really cute design on my nails…I have no art skills to return the favor, so I just oohed and ahhed as she did a design on her nails 🙂

Sunday–broski and I rushed off to MH to help Tom R. lead worship, the Phillips left for another church that they had planned to visit, and mom and dad joined us at MH. Our family enjoyed the cook-out after MH’s service, then mom, Andrea M, and I went to EB and CD’s wedding shower while dad and Roshan went home. After a long day, we all came back home and sang some songs that night.

Monday–I had class, then work…don’t really remember what the rest of the crew did 🙂 We started watching Guess Who? because it’s one of my favorite movies…and Ashton Kutcher is in it 😉

Tuesday–we had a ton of people over for dinner and games to meet the Phillips then CP, broski, and I went for a late night drive. Ended the night by finishing up Guess Who? since we had been too tired the night before!

Wednesday–after a S&P test, I came back home and we all went downtown to celebrate CP’s birthday (except for broski b/c he had class). Obviously we hit up Giordano’s for dinner 🙂

Thursday–CP, broski, and I went on a bike ride, then CP, Mrs. P, BP, and I went to Best Buy to check out a phone for CP and then we headed to good old WalMart to buy supplies to make cake pops. CP and I spent hours making cake pops…WAY too many cake pops! My freezer is still filled with those things.

Friday–I went out with the whole Phillips family. We girls got manis/pedis and then Mr. P got us ice cream at Oberweiss. Yum! Then we headed to Target so Mrs. P could get supplies to make her famous stuffed shells that she had made for us in Budapest. We came home, ate, and ended the night watching a movie. Well, I half-watched the movie…I was a bit engrossed in Nicholas Sparks’ book “The Guardian” and intent on finishing it that night. It was such a good book!

Saturday–I worked an 8 hour shift and the Phillips went to visit a college and church for the day/night. My family went to the mall 🙂

Sunday–Father’s Day. The Phillips came back to our home in the afternoon and we all headed to PF Chang’s for a delicious dinner. CP, broski, and I stayed up late that night watching yet another movie: Killers (starring…Ashton Kutcher of course! And Katherine Heigl). I said my goodbyes to everyone last night because I figured they wouldn’t be awake when mom and I left the house early this morning to go visit a med school.

God is good

All in all, it was a fun-packed week and so great to spend time with them! The home felt a bit quieter when I came home today. I don’t hear any southern, girly voices saying “Oh my word!” and Bri isn’t there to ask me “How was school?” or “Are you tired/hungry?” or to say “Hey girl, sit down!” Mr. P isn’t telling super long stories (that’s actually a good thing…lol) and Mrs. P isn’t teasing CP about her friends. But hopefully our plans will work out and we’ll be seeing them again in a few weeks! I love my immediate family but it’s always nice to have a full house! 

God is good!

God’s grace in my life today:

I’m thankful for mom who works so hard even to make everything go smoothly for us!


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