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Cake Pops with Chris

Chris and I made cake pops tonight.

We could basically feed an army with the amount we made!

We made three pans of cake: 2 white cakes and 1 strawberry cake.

Then we made one of the white cakes a chocolate flavored cake pop by adding chocolate frosting to it during the “mashing” step.

The other white cake received cream cheese frosting and the strawberry cake got strawberry frosting mixed in.

By the time we got to the dipping part, we were so tired and only had the energy to dip half…

So right now my freezer is filled with naked cake pops waiting to be dipped in frosting and covered in sprinkles tomorrow.

Now I see why Starbucks makes those things so expensive! 

The process takes forever

But at least it was fun!

How could it not be fun when music is playing in the background? 🙂

God’s grace in my life today:

I had just talked to Him this morning about my transcripts, and then found out that AMCAS got my transcripts! So now my app is officially “Ready for Review” which is great because that means it will (hopefully) be verified soon!


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