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A-Kutch & Giordano’s

Didn’t make time to blog yesterday.

Oops… 🙂

We had a bunch of people over for dinner/games.

Then my brother, CP, and I went out for a bit.

And when we got back, all 7 of us finished up watching Ashton Kutcher in  “Guess Who?”

For those of you who don’t know, A-Kutch is my celebrity crush. 

Today is CP’s birthday, so we’re going to celebrate downtown.

Giordano’s, here we come!

But first I have to finish up a Sensation and Perception test.

I’m taking a break from my cram session to update the blog, since we will probably be out late tonight!

I absolutely love having a full(er) home… 

Lots of laughs, food, and noise!

God is so good!

He is indeed

God’s grace in my life yesterday:

I finally submitted my med school app. Now comes the waiting…

God’s grace in my life today:

I’m so excited to celebrate CP’s birthday downtown with everyone!


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