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Wintery Summer Day

My brother and I kept saying over and over that today is one of the best days.

Even though it’s summer, today felt more like a wintery day.

Now, we were born and raised in Texas, so we definitely prefer the heat 😉 but cold, rainy days have some benefits.

That type of weather practically forces you to relax and just chill inside!

Neither of us had class or homework, so it was the most relaxing day.

Broski and I talked a ton, ran some errands for Madre with Houbaby in the backseat, picked up our favorite fast food (he got Taco Bell, I got Panda Express), and just hung out.

I love hanging out with my brother!

He taught me some economics (PPF=productction-possibility frontier) while I colored in my Disney Princesses coloring book. It was actually pretty interesting. Since I’m older, I’ve always learned stuff in school before him, so it’s fun to learn new things from him now!

Mi familia has been going through a Bible study book about being disciples of Christ, so that’s been a cool way to end each night. 

And I just picked up some new books from the basement bookshelf to read, so that’s what I’m going to do now!


God’s grace in my life today:

It’s so crazy that the MCAT is behind me. I’ve been anticipating it for years, been preparing for it since last year, and waited 30 days for the results as I wondered if I’d need to retake it. Such a relief to be done! And I was thinking today about how amazing it is to see God’s sovereign and gracious hand on my life. The 5 year old girl who “wants to be a pediatrician when I grow up” is now a 21 year old girl getting the med school app put together. 16 years of God pushing me in this direction! The childhood dream is starting to move towards reality. My Lord is so faithful, even when I’m not. I’m so humbled that He is so intimately involved in my life. What a gracious God!


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