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This is just so beautiful

my, my, my for the very first time

i waved goodbye, bye, bye

to what used to weigh me down

my, my, my everything’s alright

the sun is shining down

i’m looking all around

and this is just so beautiful

Maybe it’s the coffee talking (like I said, I’ve spent the last couple nights at Starbucks…and I’m at Starbucks as we speak…I mean, as I type)…but I’m just amazed at how beautiful everything is. I’m amazed at how much God has been blessing me. I’m amazed at the peace He gives me. I’m amazed at His love for me.

Currently, I’ve got Pandora playing (Taylor Swift station, of course) and Carrie Underwood’s “Temporary Home” is playing. Perfect timing. As beautiful as this world can be, it’s just my temporary home. I get to see Jesus face-to-face one day. I wonder what it will be like. **cue “I Can Only Imagine”**

I’ve been feeling like a slacker in terms of my personal devotions. I think because I’m so used to having my head buried in a book and studying non-stop, I try to avoid making my devotional time like that. I don’t want to study the Bible like it’s just another textbook. I want to be excited to dig into His Word…because that’s what the Bible is: it’s the words of God written down my men. But lately, I’ve just been reading the Psalms over and over again. And then I feel like I’m slacking. It’s always been a struggle for me to find a balance between being disciplined and being excited. Feeling like it’s a chore, and feeling like it’s a joy. And we all know how trustworthy feelings are 🙂 I’ve always been a fan of not trusting my feelings. I’m more of a thinker than a feeler. So I tend to lean towards doing things because I have/need to rather than because I get/want to. 

“Your promises have been thoroughly tested, 
    and your servant loves them.”

-Psalm 119:140

I’ve been reading bits of Psalm 119 every morning, and that verse challenges me. I want to say that and mean it! Every promise I know He has made, I’ve watched Him keep. But I want to read His Word so well that I know all of His promises. I think I’m going to try memorizing Psalm 119. It’s filled with longing for God’s Word and constantly challenges me. So, starting tomorrow…Psalm 119 will begin to be hidden in my heart!


In other news, I’m having some trouble writing an essay. I feel like my words aren’t coming out right. If you think of it, please pray for me! I’ve been asking God to give me wisdom so I can accurately portray myself in this essay, without being boastful or dishonest. I’m such a work in progress and so aware of my weaknesses…so it’s hard to compete against people who have done all these amazing things! But I’m a sinner saved by grace. And I’m proud to boast in my Lord 🙂 Pray that my essay will accurately reflect God’s grace in my life!

God’s grace in my life today:

Music. I just love it!!! I’m one of those people who constantly wants music in the background. It drives my family nuts sometimes, but they’ve learned to adjust 😉 I don’t know a ton about what heaven will be like, but I’m pretty sure there will be lots and lots of music 🙂


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