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One of my mom’s friends just told me about this performance:



She was impressed by how Colton used an opportunity on live television to sing a song expressing his desperation for Jesus. I checked it out (because I like the song in general…and let’s admit it, what girl doesn’t want to watch a cute boy sing? 🙂 )

I do!

Anyway, this song makes me think of the skit that different groups have done with it in the background. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just google “Lifehouse-Everything skit” and you’re bound to find tons of examples. The skit basically starts with a girl dancing with God, and throughout the song, the girl encounters various people who represent sins that distract her and slowly pull her away from God–sins like lust, drugs, greed…all building up to the climax of the song where she’s about to kill herself. It’s at that moment that God rushes in, defeats the sin, rescues, and restores her.

You’re Everything

This time when I listened to the song, I thought of something else. It’s easy to see the girl’s desperate need for God during the skit after all those “big” sins. By “big” sins, I mean obvious sins. When God rushes in after she’s gone through all of that and is about to commit suicide, it’s easy to see why the words “You’re all I need” become so meaningful. 

You’re Everything

But so often, I go through the day with little distractions that end up piling up and pulling me away from God. Instead of seeing my obvious need for God, I start thinking that I’m doing pretty well on my own. I start scheduling “quiet time with God” when, in reality, every moment of every day is an opportunity to spend time with God. How prideful of me to “pencil God in” when He is so willing to spend time with me. The God of the universe gave up His one and only Son to bring me into His holy family, and I decide (intentionally or unintentionally) that I’m too busy to spend time with my Heavenly Father. 

You’re everything

It’s great that Colton used his time in the spotlight to express his need for God though song, but we need to do that every day. Because it’s true every day: we need Him.

You’re everything

Each and every day, I need to remind myself of reality.

I earned hell.

God, in his amazing grace, sent Jesus to give me life.

I need Him.

I desperately need Him.

Everything else is meaningless without Him.

Jesus gives meaning to my life.

“You’re all I want. You’re all I need. You’re everything.”


God’s grace in my life today:

He is so merciful to be patient and love me when I ignore Him

…and to willingly take me back with open arms every time I realize my desperate need for Him.


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