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We are young

I was studying for my MCAT in a McDonald’s attached to Riley Children Hospital. My brother walked by with one of his friends who is my age. I figured his friend would assume I’m a med student (a lot of med students hang out there).

Later my brother informed me that his friend thought I was studying for my SAT…

AKA he thought I was a sophomore in high school. 


Maybe one day people will see I’m not as young as I look (act?)…


God’s grace in my life today:

I’m glad I’ve already seen so many of His blessings at such a young age.


2 thoughts on “We are young

  1. HAHAHA oh Roshini, you always look beautiful and quite adorable no matter what age people think you are. One day years from now, you will be thanking people for the compliments on how young you look =)

    1. Oh and the title of this post “We are young” instantaneously had me breaking out in singing the song “Love is A Battlefield” lol

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