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Doctor, Doctor

Pretty sure I have the coolest doctor ever. 

Today’s visit included:

Discussing Francis Chan

Talking about how his message applies to us

What it means to live life with an open hand, surrendered to God

Forsaking materialism

Listening to him talk about being willing to give up his medical practice here if God calls him to full-time foreign missions

Being willing to stay in community with the people here and shine for Christ: at work, at school, at restaurants, at stores, wherever you go…

Talking about how God commands every Christian to live among people and be involved in society to shine His light in the darkness

God calls some Christians to go to a new people group while others keep shining here

Hearing how he talks to drug reps at his office about his faith

Reminding me that if God’s plan for me involves med school, I must obey even though it’s a long, hard road

Tips on applying to med school

Taking the time to explain each part of the lab results to me to help me learn

Giving me advice on getting maximum exposure before/during/after med school so I can be prepared to handle whatever medical case comes my way

I’ve always loved going to the doctor, ever since I was a little kid. My first pediatrician in Houston is the one who first inspired me to pursue a medical degree. He’s the reason for the five-year-old me telling anyone who would listen: “I wanna be a pediatrician when I grow up.” He was such a sweet old physician–one of those people who just radiates compassion and love. And I remember thinking that I want to be like that.

Now my current doctor gets me excited about the possibility of becoming a doctor. Hearing how he and his partner (both guys love the Lord and love serving Him) travel all over the world to provide medical care and bring the gospel to people makes me so excited to think that someday I could do that. They were some of the first docs on the scene at Haiti, New Orleans, etc. And he was telling me at my last visit that he’s constantly getting emails about people who’d like him to come along for their mission trips. So cool. What a privilege–to not only be able to bring the gospel and meet spiritual needs, but to also be able to provide medical care meet physical needs. 

Like I said, I’m pretty sure I have the coolest doctor ever. 


God’s grace in my life today:

My God is the same yesterday, today, and forever:

the Great Physician is still at work.


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