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Sister, Sister

The way Christ bonds people together is pretty amazing. I’ve loved going to churches in different countries over the years and feeling at home with the people knowing that, even if we have nothing else in common, we are bonded in Christ. It’s really amazing how the love of God unites us. I’ve experienced it so many times in so many different places. Granted, I do tend to find some connection with almost everyone, even strangers. However, sometimes I’ve even had the thought that if we didn’t have Christ in common, we’d literally have no other reason to have started a friendship. But Christ changes everything. It’s awesome.

The most recent example of this was over Christmas break. I made a new friend in a new place and we instantly hit it off. So fast that someone asked if we’d met before! We obviously hadn’t, but were instantly connected as sisters in the Lord. 

So today I’m grateful for my sister in Rwanda. We’ve been emailing back and forth. She’s busy teaching and loving Jesus and others there, and I’m busy studying and loving Jesus and others here, but our love for Christ unites us. On my birthday a few weeks ago, I received such a sweet birthday greeting filled with kind words and encouragement from her. I finally got the chance to write back today, hence the “random” post on friendship.

God’s so good. He loves us and unites us as His adopted sons and daughters.

Friendship is such a beautiful gift from Him!


God’s grace in my life today:

I have new and old friends who remind me of God’s faithfulness and love.


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