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Thermodynamics & Procrastination

oh, goodness.

Finally started, finished, and submitted my Thermodynamics lab report

… a little under 5 hours before the deadline! 

close call!

2 thoughts:

1) Coffee actually does keep you awake! Today was one of the few days I drank some to keep me up…and it wasn’t too bad (I normally can’t stand coffee and always pick the least coffee-y drinks from Starbucks)! Mocha frappe from Mickey D’s…with a shot of vanilla syrup to further conceal the coffee flavor 😉

2) I remember a classmate in high school telling our teacher (whoa…it felt sorta weird to say “teacher” instead of “prof”…I wonder if in a few years it will be weird to say “prof” instead of “Doctor”…) that procrastinators are actually smarter and more efficient than other people (what do you call people who don’t procrastinate? I’ve never heard a word used to describe those *weird* people. Probably because they’re too busy doing what they’re supposed to be doing to come up with a word to describe themselves. Or maybe they don’t exist…) because they get the same amount of work done in a significantly lesser amount of time under significantly greater pressure. Maybe he’s on to something…

I think he is!

God’s grace in my life today:

I have the opportunity to study and get a good education

…even if that means sleep goes out the window on nights like this 🙂


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