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Make me to be all of these

“Lord, if thou wouldst join me to a woman, give me one who like Rebekah, unattracted as yet by Isaac’s physical characteristics, unhesitatingly said, ‘I will go.’ Jewels I can never give her–she must be willing to take only a tent and love, and be able to give comfort (v. 67). This wife was serviceable (bearing water), a second miler (“for thy camels also”), prompt and responsive (she “hastened and ran” [v. 18, 20, 28]), and retiring (she covered herself). Lord Jesus, as one who constitutes part of Thy bride, make me to be all of these.” 

-Jim Elliot

What a prayer

Father, send me a man who desires these qualities in a wife and in himself;

A man who will love You more than he loves me.

(I’m believing in faith that he exists)

And continue to mold me to be his wife.  

May our marriage glorify You.

My heart is full of hope and expectation.

Jesus, help me trust You.

God’s grace in my life today:

He’s giving me faith to trust when I’m confused: to desire HIM more than I desire clarity.

By His grace, I am able to follow Him daily even when I don’t know where He’s leading me.


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