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Ordinary goodness

Today was a very good day.

I had a great night of sleep.

Let me back up: last night was a great night.

I went to church and heard a sermon on failure.

Ironic, isn’t it? I had just posted on failure the night before!

Here’s a quote from the message:

“The fact that Peter was clearly forgiven by Jesus and given new responsibilities, amounting to apostleship, despite his total denial of his Lord, can give genuine hope to Christians today who feel that they have denied Jesus and that this is unforgivable. He calls only for our repentance and for our love.” -D.A. Carson

Good stuff.

And then I got home, ate Thai food while watching TV (that almost NEVER happens b/c I rarely have time to be a relaxed couch potato), got an email from one of the girls I’m discipling that was such a reminder of God’s sovereignty (one of those strange “coincidences” that actually are, as somebody once phrased it to me, “God incognito”), and went to bed with my puppy keeping an eye on things until my parents came home 🙂

Back to today. I’ve been overwhelmed this whole day with how great God is to me. Nothing extraordinary happened. Except for the fact that the God of the universe joyfully takes time to bless me, a sinner saved by grace, abundantly. He’s blessed me more than I could ever have imagined. I have so many great people in my life, many of whom I got to see today. And I love them all.

I have hope. I have peace. I have joy.

I have Jesus. 

What more could I want?

You’re more than enough for me, Lord

God’s grace to me today:

I got to see/talk to/hang out with some of the wonderful people He’s placed in my life who love Him and love me. 


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